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Thank you Tile Cleaners ® for dealing with the solvent sealer I had and resealing my hallway; I know it's a pain but you did a great job. I will definitely call you again as I need help with my tiles in the office.

Paul Gold, Gold Coast, QLD

I was about to sell my business and wanted to clean and reseal my vinyl floors to improve the looks of them before having people over for inspection of the property. I did a booking with another company but was horrified when I realized that my floor was back to its horrible look in less than two weeks. I carefully looked up other cleaning companies, scared that I would chose the wrong cleaning company. A friend of mine recommended Tile Cleaners, but after what happened to my floor last time I got it cleaned I was really skeptic, but gave it a go. All I can say is thank you guys so much for a quick response and a good job. I sold the office and left your contact details with the new owner for future cleaning.

Brian Hook, Bayswater, WA

I just got new tiles laid in my house that were very expensive. I needed to get them sealed but couldn't afford to pay much for it. On the other hand I didn't want to go for a company offering cheap and unreliably services. My boss recommended Tile Cleaners, saying that the company's prices were reasonable and that they offered quality service when he used them. I contacted them and ended up doing a booking with them. It is very pleasant to know that there are companies out there who actually care about providing very high quality services for affordable prices. I gave your contacts to my sister. Thank you for the job you did

Robert Williams, Norman Park, QLD

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Tile Cleaning Pump

Sealing Porcelain Tiles

Save yourself time, effort and money and extend the life of your Porcelain with our specialist sealing techniques and products

We provide specialised sealing solutions for Porcelain tiles, including both tile and grout surfaces.

For a free estimate or to schedule your appointment, please call 1300 771 201 or use our quick enquiry form.

We cover all suburbs

 modern living room with textured rectangular porcelain tiles on floor

Whether you have newly installed porcelain or have had it for years, sealing your tile and grout lines is the most important step towards extending the life of your tiles. Porcelain can have a porous finish and if so, will absorb stains like a sponge. A little extra money spent sealing your tiles will resist stains and allow for easier maintenance on your part. Tile Cleaners® have a team of porcelain technicians with the knowledge and experience to expertly protect your tiles.

Don't just rely on regular cleaning to keep your tiles in the best condition. Contact Tile Cleaners® and talk to our specialists about the best sealing solutions for your porcelain tiles and grout.

 large format dark porcelain tile on shower walls with grey grout lines

Sealing Porcelain Tiles

If you are considering installing new porcelain, Tile Cleaners® recommend a glazed tile. The reason is the tiles themselves simply don't require sealing, saving you money, time and energy on future maintenance, however if you already have unglazed porous porcelain tile we do recommend they be sealed with a quality sealer.

deepshield moisture porcelain

Sealing is the very first step in maintaining your floors longevity and appearance

Certain varieties of porcelain tile will require an impregnating sealer to fill the micro pores on the tile surface. Australia's Deepshield™ Gold non-toxic sealer is specially designed to penetrate denser materials such as porcelain, ceramic, granite and marble, offering peace of mind by forming a barrier between the micro pores of your porcelain tiles and grout against potential water and oil based stains, while preserving the tile's appearance and resulting in maintenance becoming easier.

Deepshield™ Gold impregnating sealer performs well on porcelain and porcelain tiles and also provides excellent protection to the typically cement based grout lines.

Sealing your porcelain tiles will keep most stains suspended at the surface, creating a barrier that provides protection against chemical attack, deterioration and contamination

The first step in maintenance of porcelain tiles is the sealing of the tile (if porous) and the grout.

Generally, glazed tile requires no sealer and some unglazed tile also requires no sealer. Know the type of tile you are installing. Test it with a small amount of water. If the surface darkens, it absorbs water and needs to be sealed.

deepshield breathe porcelain

Generally, cementitious grout requires sealing while specialty grouts like epoxy and furans do not. If the grout darkens with water, it also needs a sealer.

The use of sealers on tile is an area that books could be written about, with all the options available and their relations to each other. We speak only in very general terms and keep in mind; there are exceptions to every rule. Our technicians throughout are fully trained and experienced on using different types of sealers and will make sure your job is done professionally.

You can once again enjoy your surfaces in the best possible condition

Give us a call today, our knowledgeable and friendly customer service can assist you with all your questions and bookings. Call 1300 771 201

Sealing your floors:

  • Provides a barrier against stains, prolonging the time you have to wipe up spills
  • Resists against mould and mildew
  • Makes future maintenance quick and easy
  • Extends the life of the tile and grout
  • Maintains hygiene levels
  • Saves you money
 large porcelain tile reminiscent of calacutta marble tile durable rectified versatile

Save yourself time, effort and money and extend the lifetime of your Porcelain with our specialist sealing techniques and products.

We provide specialised sealing solutions for Porcelain tiles, including both tile and grout surfaces.

For a free estimate or to schedule your appointment, please call 1300 771 201 or use our quick enquiry form.

We cover all suburbs

 extra large porcelain floor tiles after cleaning empty room with polisher

Our Sealing Process

Sealing is the final step in the process of ensuring your porcelain is in its best possible condition and the first step in ensuring your tiles and grout are protected for years to come. Tile Cleaners® will only carry out sealing once grout has fully cured on a newly laid floor, which can require up to 4 days.

deepshield generic porcelain

A professional clean will always be carried out before sealing no matter the age of your tile, newly laid or previously existing. A thorough clean allows for any debris to be removed as once a seal is applied anything remaining on the tile or grout will be locked in.

Depending on the type of sealer and size of the area, the sealer will either be applied by a spray, a brush or a mop. Our technicians are trained in methodical techniques to make sure that all areas of the floors including the grout are covered evenly and thoroughly.

How to know if your Porcelain needs Sealing

It is important to make sure if you are purchasing a new floor that you understand the type of tile you are having laid. Apart from talking to the manufacturer, a basic water test can be carried out to know whether your porcelain needs sealing.

Apply a few drops of water to the tile. If the water is absorbed after a few minutes or if it turns a darker colour your tiles will need sealing.

It is rare that the grout lines wont need sealing but you can also carry out the same test to be sure. No matter what the tile, a grout seal is always recommended, as grout is an extremely porous combination of sand and cement.

Save yourself time, effort and money and extend the lifetime of your Porcelain with our specialist sealing techniques and products.

We provide specialised sealing solutions for Porcelain tiles, including both tile and grout surfaces.

For a free estimate or to schedule your appointment, please call 1300 771 201 or use our quick enquiry form.

We cover all suburbs

 kitchen with clean porcelain floor tiles after cleaning by tile cleaners

Types of Sealers used on Porcelain Tiles

The type of sealer will depend on a few different things. The type of porcelain tile, the traffic flow, whether it is internal or external and the finish you wish to achieve will affect the sealing product.

All of our sealers at Tile Cleaners® are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Impregnating Penetrating Sealer is highly recommended for many reasons both for indoor and outdoor porcelain tiles and grout. The sealer sits within the pores of the stone and grout providing protection for up to 15 years.

deepshield surface

Topical based sealer provides a surface seal that will leave a more glossy finish to your porcelain. It has a shorter lifetime compared to an impregnating sealer of up to 3 years. Topical sealer should never be used on external pavers and are not recommended for grout lines. The sealer sits on the surface so when inevitable wear and tear occurs a flaking problem may arise.

There are many options when it comes to sealing tiles and those options continue to grow. We try to keep it as simple and effective as possible as there will always be exceptions due to each tile and job being different. At Tile Cleaners® our experienced and friendly technicians are able to advise the very best sealer for your particular tiles and floors.

 modern long bathroom with porcelain tiles that look like fake travertine

Sealing Grout Lines

Porcelain or ceramic tiles usually aren't a problem to keep clean, they are most often glazed and baked from the tile manufacturer and repel soil and stains extremely well. The problem, as we all know, IS the grout. And unfortunately most grout is not sealed, at all.

As soil soaks into unsealed or poorly sealed porous grout, it builds up and compacts. This impacted soil and grime has nowhere to go but on top of the existing dirt on the grout, causing layer upon layer of soiling inside the grout. When it’s cleaned the traditional way with a mop and bucket, the embedded dirt is not fully removed – because it can’t be fully removed on unsealed or traditionally-sealed grout.

Grout is an extremely porous sand based material that absorbs and holds stains easily. Just as tiles are sealed to protect them grout can also be sealed. Often if you have a ceramic or porcelain tile that doesn't need sealing you can overlook the need to seal the grout. However, for non-porous tiles, the grout tends to act as a magnet to any grime, dirt or mould. Mopping can just end up transferring grime into the porous grout. Sealing grout can also extend the life of your tiles as grout is the entry point for moisture that can lift tiles.

Tile Cleaners® have specialised methods to successfully seal grout lines, either on their own or as part of an entire surface seal. We strongly recommend that any newly laid porous tiles and grout be sealed immediately so the area gains the full benefit of the protection. Tiling is not an inexpensive exercise, so why not protect your investment?

Protect the grout lines between your new or old porcelain tiles with the world's leading products and methods. Achieve long lasting results that will provide years of protection against unsightly stains, mould and dirt

Save yourself time, effort and money and extend the lifetime of your Porcelain with our specialist sealing techniques and products

To schedule your appointment or to obtain a free estimate, please Call 1300 771 201 or use the online enquiry form at the top of the page

 contemporary bathroom with bath tub brown beige color with white grout

Frequently Asked Questions

Most surfaces are subject to deterioration and degradation of appearance through traffic, UV rays, moisture, rain, chemicals, and other impurities such as oil, gas, grease, acids and salt. This can easily result in common problems such as cracking, pitting, scaling, spalling, delamination, dusting, discolouration, efflorescence, salt damage, etc. Sealing offers excellent maintenance benefits when quality products are used such as Australia's Deepshield™ deep impregnating range of sealers. Sealing your tiles & grout can help: Prevent unsightly stains Prevent discolouration Keep your tiled floors looking better for longer

This depends on the type of sealer you decide to seal your tiles with. Topical sealers usually have a lifetime of around 3 years, while impregnating sealers have a lifetime of up to 15 years. On vertical surfaces impregnating sealers could last a lifetime, however, on heavy walkway areas or heavily used areas such as shower recesses, the areas should be checked more often and re-sealed if necessary. You can test how porous your surfaces are by applying a drop of water to the surface and watching how it is absorbed. You can then see how any type of water based stain can be absorbed by the surface.

Yes you can and it is recommended to seal your grout lines especially if they are a light colour, this will save you the likely cost of having to regrout your tiles only a few years after installation.

Whenever needed, and that depends on the type and quality of sealer used and the lifetime of the sealer.

Most sealers dry fairly quickly and are usually touch-dry after 4 hours. This is true of both penetrating and topical sealers. Penetrating sealers usually fully cure in 24 hours with topical sealers generally taking up to 48 hours to fully dry.

No, topical sealers create a membrane, film, or barrier that prevents the penetrating sealers from absorbing into the surface. Applying a penetrating sealer to a surface, requires any topical sealer to be removed prior to application.

The best way to keep your surfaces in good condition is to use a ph neutral cleaner followed by clean water for spills, otherwise a microfibre mop will get rid of dust.

You will know it's time to have your surfaces stripped, cleaned and sealed once they begin to appear dull or "matte" even after you have given them an efficient regular clean. If you notice that your surfaces are staining easily, it's a good indication that your previous sealer is wearing off and your floors will need to be resealed immediately to prevent permanent staining.

Yes, our tile cleaning services are safe! Tile Cleaners® generally use only the highest quality water based products alongside our state of the art cleaning machinery to provide the best cleaning solution without compromising your surfaces.

Tile Cleaners® prefer to use high quality non-solvent based stripping and sealing products. These products are not messy and won't damage your floors or anything else in your home. Current non-solvent based strippers and techniques are more than adequate. Tile Cleaners® technicians can apply solvent based strippers in very specific circumstances, however this requires leaving the premises for up to 48 hours and a very high level of safety and protection.

Here at Tile Cleaners® we understand the importance of your family's safety, which is why Tile Cleaners® prefer to use non-toxic finishing agents as we not only want to protect your floors, but your families health too. Materials and agents that present potential health hazards are not in our product portfolio and never have been.

If you want your floors to be their cleanest and looking their very best you need to have a professional remove as much of the old sealer as possible. Once this is done the cleaning process will be carried out and the new sealer applied. You will have the freshest and cleanest possible surfaces once we are finished with the process.

Stripping and sealing is simply the process of stripping the coating off the floor before resealing it. Flooring can look dull and lifeless over time making it look older and really bringing down the feel any area. By stripping and resealing, you can restore the original appearance of your surfaces and eliminate the cost of laying new flooring.

Our professional team will go through the job processes with you step by step so you know exactly what you're getting. The process includes stripping any previous sealer if it was applied, the floor is then thoroughly cleaned and neutralised so that it is free of dust, residue and anything else that can affect the new sealer. A new sealer is applied to the floor and allowed to set. The newly sealed floor will not only look new again, it will be protected and result in your floors becoming easier to maintain.

It depends on the type of sealer used and the amount of foot traffic the tiles are being exposed to. Australia's Deepshield™ range of deep impregnating water based sealer's offer long term benefits with Deepshield™ Gold lasting up to 15 years. Topical sealer's have a life expectancy of around 3 years. If you have a high amount of foot traffic or perhaps severe weather conditions you may experience a shorter lifetime. Sealing your surfaces may also depend on the surfaces condition. Once they start showing patchy areas and are staining easily then you should have them resealed. Give us a call and we can assist you with all your enquiries.

Many types of flooring can damage fairly easily, any oily or harsh spills can damage the surface and penetrate the pores leaving a permanent stain, unreachable by domestic cleaning methods. We strongly recommend sealing your surfaces to maintain their fresh look and feel, to protect against permanent staining and to prevent any future accidental damage. Your surfaces will look their very best for longer and will be easier and more convenient to maintain.

The best time to have your tiles or grout sealed is immediately after installation to prevent accidental staining or damage. You will know sealing is required once you start noticing patchy sealed areas of the floor and/or your tiles start staining easier.

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