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I was about to sell my house, but was not happy with the tiles in the dining area. The tiles were white and shiny but the grout looked really dark and dirty. I already had a potential client; however the dark grout ruined the beauty of the room. I didn't have much time to fix the grout and decided to call Tile Cleaners as my real estate agency mentioned them. As my real estate agent said, Tile cleaners responded really quickly. They also pointed out that some of the grout was coming off in the hallway when they were there, which I had not even noticed. Thank you for fixing my problem so quickly. The house is sold now and I left your details with the new owner so they can keep the tiles in good condition.

Anna Rodwell, Tingalpa, QLD

Thank you Tile Cleaners ® for dealing with the solvent sealer I had and resealing my hallway; I know it's a pain but you did a great job. I will definitely call you again as I need help with my tiles in the office.

Paul Gold, Gold Coast, QLD

I was about to sell my business and wanted to clean and reseal my vinyl floors to improve the looks of them before having people over for inspection of the property. I did a booking with another company but was horrified when I realized that my floor was back to its horrible look in less than two weeks. I carefully looked up other cleaning companies, scared that I would chose the wrong cleaning company. A friend of mine recommended Tile Cleaners, but after what happened to my floor last time I got it cleaned I was really skeptic, but gave it a go. All I can say is thank you guys so much for a quick response and a good job. I sold the office and left your contact details with the new owner for future cleaning.

Brian Hook, Bayswater, WA

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Porcelain Maintenance

contemporary bathroom porcelanosa ferroker porcelain with french gray grout

We provide professional tile & grout cleaning solutions for Porcelain tiles

To schedule your appointment or to obtain a free estimate, please Call 1300 771 201 or use our online enquiry form

We cover all Metropolitan areas

close shot sample of porcelain tiles brown with light grout lines

Porcelain is a great flooring option for its durability and generally low maintenance. Compared to many natural stones, porcelain will preserve its appearance for years without much work from you. But like anything its lifespan will depend on how well and how regularly it is maintained. Take proper care of your porcelain from the beginning and staining and damage will be minimal.

contemporary dining room linen polished porcelain kitchen floor stunning

Follow a few simple steps and professional cleaning, cost, and harm will be minimised.

  • Sweep tiles on a regular basis to avoid dirt build up in grout.
  • Mop with plain warm water or pH neutral cleaner focusing on grout. Always do a test area.
  • Do not allow any product to remain on tiles, rinse with a damp, clean mop.
  • Don't forget about the walls they will hold scum and grime as much as floors. Regularly wash them down.
  • Wipe up spills as soon as possible.
  • In wet areas like bathrooms keep the tiles and grout as dry as possible. A quick towel down after use will save unsightly mould and mildew from growing.
contemporary dining room large porcelain tiles in natural stone pattern large glazed surface and thin grout line in matching colour classy

Regular sealing of the grout between your porcelain tiles is important to keep it looking clean and fresh. This will help to repel the moisture and resist staining.

A regular professional clean will ensure your porcelain tiles maintain that fresh factory finish and make your future maintenance effortless.

To schedule your appointment or to obtain a free estimate, please Call 1300 771 201 or use our online enquiry form.

contemporary bathroom with arabesque porcelain tiles in front of shower

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We clean and restore a
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