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I use Tile Cleaners helps me with my cleaning every month or so. It is always on a regular basis process I have written down in my diary because I am a very busy woman. This time I needed a quick and professional help with the garage area. I have a large driveway and three cars parking area around the house. Tile Cleaners is a highly professional and trustworthy company. Thank you again guys, you never bring me down.

Loraine Zahor, West Perth, WA

One of my warehouses in Bankstown needed a thoroughly clean. The tiles are pretty old and we haven't cleaned them for years. The tiles were very stained so I wasn't sure if it was possible to clean them at all. I called Tile Cleaners and explained my concerns. They offered to come and have a look first and give me advice on what would be the best option for me; which they did. They offered a good price and everything was cleaned the next day. I appreciate your effort and good advice. Thank you.

Marat Goldfish, New Farm, QLD

My driveway had been covered with oil and grease for a long time, as I never had time to sort this out. I contacted Tile Cleaners and they organized cleaning for me for the next day. I am always on the run, so thank you for being so quick. Thank you, they look so much better now.

Harum Rupert, Manly, NSW

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Tile Cleaning Pump

High Pressure Floor Cleaning

Residential, Commercial All Surface High Pressure Cleaning for your Driveway, Walkway, Pation, Pool Surrounds, Fences & Other Hard Surfaces .

A Cheaper option.
Preformed on vertical surfaces.
Very High Pressure or soft washing available
Can clean a variety of surfaces.
Water recovery still available.
Sissor lift and cherry picker hire for cleaning at heights.
A profession team to knock over large jobs quickly.

High Pressure Cleaning High Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure washing is a great way to clean the grunge and grime from concrete driveways, pathways and patios. By using a pressure washer properly, you'll eliminate ugly oil stains, slippery moss and algae, and the danger that someone will slip on slick dirt or muck. Our High Pressure Water Cleaning Services Include Concrete Cleaning, Brick Cleaning, Pavers Cleaning, Concrete Washing, Brick Restoration, Timber Cleaning, Sandstone Cleaning & Exterior Tile Cleaning.

High Pressure Cleaning High Pressure Cleaning

To achieve the best results a combination of pressurised water and chemicals are required. Like all cleaning procedures, water alone can only do so much when cleaning hard surface. Chemicals eliminate the need to use excessive water or high pressure which can damage some substrates. Biodegradable chemicals should be used wherever possible.

The key to high pressure cleaning is to kill the algae, mould and mildew all the way down to the root. This will allow your surface to stay cleaner for longer. Simply blasting away the top layer with a high pressure cleaner leaves behind living spores which quickly take root and re-infest the area!

It is important to recognise the fact that not all surfaces can be treated in the same manner. An understanding of both the material composition and the nature of its deterioration are essential. That is why hiring a professional pressure cleaner is a wise option. Somebody who can identify all of the stains and contaminants and who understands the surfaces characteristics.

Tile Cleaners ® utilises a Specialised 3 step cleaning process ensuring total restoration to your hard surfaces.

  • Step 1 - First we apply a customized biodegradable cleaning solution necessary to loosen the bond between your hard surface and mould, mildew, moss etc.
  • Step 2 - Solutions in order to be most effective require agitation! That's why we then manually scrubs your hard surface lifting and breaking the surface bond.
  • Step 3 - It is not until the last stage that your hard surface is high pressure cleaned. This ensures the most thorough and comprehensive clean possible.

Oil & Grease Removal

Oil & Grease needs to be treated immediately as it is the material most likely to leave stainage or spoiling that cleaning cannot rectify. If a concrete, paver, all tiled surface which has not been sealed is subjected to oil or grease it will most likely be permanently stained unless you act quickly. Stains can be removed using a number of products, many of which contain hazardous ingredients. We recommend using an eco-friendly product wherever possible.

In order to high pressure clean your hard surfaces properly, only commercial grade equipment and detergents must be used. Our high pressure cleaning services can remove dirt, mould, grease, moss, mildew and harmful pollutants!

Our services are available in all Sydney / Brisbane / Perth / Melbourne/ Adelaide / Canberra / Gold Coast suburbs. Call now on 1300 771 201 for more information.

High Pressure Cleaning High Pressure Cleaning High Pressure Cleaning High Pressure Cleaning High Pressure Cleaning High Pressure Cleaning High Pressure Cleaning High Pressure Cleaning High Pressure Cleaning

Client Range

We clean and restore a
huge range of tiles and surfaces in all locations including:
Kitchens, Bathrooms, Showers, Swimming pools, Pool pavers, Restaurants, Cafés, Bars, Homes, Schools, Clinics, Hospitals, Companies, Offices

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