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I noticed that some of the tiles in my bathroom walls were loose and the grout was coming off. I am a very busy so kept on postponing calling someone to fix it. One day I got home and the loose tiles were lying broken on the floor. Can you imagine my frustration? I rang my brother in panic and he gave me Tile Cleaners' contact details. I rang them straight away. The guys told me I needed a tiler and professional regrouting work done so I thought it would take ages to fix my problem. However they organized the work very well. I had my tiles fixed on Friday night the same week and the entire bathroom regrouted on Saturday. Thank you some much for your quick help; it was such a relief.

Kerry McMyre, Mosman, NSW

I was about to sell my business and wanted to clean and reseal my vinyl floors to improve the looks of them before having people over for inspection of the property. I did a booking with another company but was horrified when I realized that my floor was back to its horrible look in less than two weeks. I carefully looked up other cleaning companies, scared that I would chose the wrong cleaning company. A friend of mine recommended Tile Cleaners, but after what happened to my floor last time I got it cleaned I was really skeptic, but gave it a go. All I can say is thank you guys so much for a quick response and a good job. I sold the office and left your contact details with the new owner for future cleaning.

Brian Hook, Bayswater, WA

We got our tiles more than 25 years ago. We were told that we had a solvent sealer on our tiles, which apparently most companies wouldn't be able to strip off. However we rang a couple of places to check them out. No luck. A friend of mine recommended Tile Cleaners. We rang the guys and they agreed to have a look the next day. We decided to go ahead with the job after getting a satisfactory quote. Tile Cleaners team stripped and resealed our old tiles. We are very grateful for your help guys. Thank you again.

Olivia and Andrew Clark, Hornsby, NSW

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How To Seal Pavers

Giallo Gold Tumbled Travertine Paver Sample

We are often asked whether or not to seal pavers. The short answer is, prevention is often better than the cure. Sealing pavers is optional but highly recommended, you certainly do not have to do it but if would like your pavers to stay clean and look "newer" for longer then sealing is recommended. Both old (cleaned) paving and new paving, once dry, can be sealed.

Sound like hard work? Well - you don't have to do all the work, some pavers in the market are pre-sealed, the manufacturer takes the work out of it for you.

There are several benefits to sealing your pavers

  • Slow the growth and prevent moss or mildew in damp areas
  • Minimise the amount of maintenance required (recommended by water authorities and be kind to the environment)
  • Prevent stains from food and drink spillages, BBQ's, dirt and fallen leaves and pet messes. If pavers are sealed these stains will occur on the sealant, not the paver or its pores.
  • Initially inhibit weed/insect infestation
  • Reduce the rate of colour fade
  • Sealing will keep your pavers looking "newer" longer

We cover all suburbs within 100 km of CBD. North, South, East & West.

To schedule your appointment or to obtain a free estimate, call 1300 771 201 or use our online enquiry form.

pavers before and after tilecleaners cleaning and sealing work

What sealer should I use and how far will it go?

There are a number of different brands of sealers available to you. At Tile Cleaners ® we only use the best of the best of sealers. The type of sealant will vary from penetrating to surface based or matt & gloss. You should speak to your technician as to which sealer is best. Each type of paving and its use will determine the most appropriate sealant product.

Cost of sealing will depend on the paver and whether one coat or two coats (recommended) of sealant are applied. To give you an idea on how much sealer you will need.

It is obviously cheaper to do it yourself, but make sure you have the right equipment, as sealing over dirty tiles will permenently stain your tiles. Make sure you use the right safety gear and mind your pets and family. Please read instructions thoroughly, as most sealants are hazardous. Application If you have purchased paving and would like to seal it there are a few options to applying sealer. There are different methods and you should check with the manufacturer of the sealer and paver as to what is best suited to your product.

Some of the methods used to seal pavers are:

  • Dipping – dip your pavers into the seal prior to laying
  • Roll – roll on the sealer with a paint brush roller
  • Brush or Sweep sealer over laid pavers (use of a brush or broom will do this)
  • Spray on with hand held bottle or pump device

Sealing will definitely extend the life and look of your pavers and the initial work and expense will add life and luster to your newly laid pavers.

We cover all suburbs within 100 km of CBD. North, South, East & West.

To schedule your appointment or to obtain a free estimate, call 1300 771 201 or use our online enquiry form.

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