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We wanted to get our terracotta floors waterproofed, so we contacted Tile Cleaners. The guys were very friendly, patience and enthusiastic; and offered us a couple of options. They finished the job a few days later and are very happy with the result. Thank you guys.

Maria and John Regens, Coogee, NSW

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Terracotta Tile Cleaning Toowoomba City - Toowoomba

We provide specialised cleaning & sealing solutions for terracotta floor tiles.

Toowoomba City Terracotta Tile Handmade Classic

To schedule your appointment or to obtain a free estimate, please Call 1300 771 201 or use our online enquiry form.

We cover all Toowoomba suburbs and all Toowoomba City area

If treated properly terracotta will provide beautiful floors which will be hard wearing, stain resistant and extremely easy to maintain.

Terracotta is a ceramic material that has been used for building construction and decorative arts since ancient times in different cultures around the world. Terracotta, which literally means “baked earth” (originally baked in the sun) is made from natural clay, which gives it a characteristic reddish-brown colour varying slightly depending on the clay used. Terracotta tiles provide an “old world” style, often referred to as south-western, Mediterranean or rustic.

Toowoomba City Terracotta Tile Clean Wet Floor

Terracotta is one of the few materials that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with durability and beauty making it useful in several scenarios and settings in architecture. Terracotta flooring provide a look that is hard to imitate, and when sealed is improved further in quality, holding up to stains, moisture and scratches. Compared with other ceramic materials, terracotta floors aren't as cold, making them much more inviting and comfortable to walk on.

Toowoomba City Outdoor Terracotta Tiles around Pool

Cleaning Terracotta Tiles

Toowoomba City's Tile Cleaners® know the importance of taking care of your terracotta tile floor. Tile cleaning & restoration is an important aspect of maintaining the natural shine of your terracotta floors. If treated properly, terracotta tiles will provide for a beautiful floor that is hard wearing, warm, stain resistant and extremely easy to maintain. Terracotta tile restoration and cleaning provides a holistic solution for floor maintenance.

Tile Cleaners® provide terracotta tile cleaning & restoration services for both commercial and domestic premises.

You can count on our technicians expertise, professionalism and experience to guarantee satisfaction with the condition of your terracotta floor.

Save yourself time, effort and money and let our professional team bring your terracotta tiles back to their best possible condition.

We cover all Toowoomba suburbs and all Toowoomba City area

To schedule your appointment or to obtain a free estimate, Call 1300 771 201 or use our online enquiry

Do Terracotta tiles need to be sealed?

When used indoors, terracotta tile floors can be left untreated, but usually terracotta is finished with a top coat sealer. Some terracotta tiles are purported to be waterproof, to the contrary, all raw clay tiles are like sponges when it comes to soaking up water, and therefore absorbing stains. Tile Cleaners® recommend sealing your terracotta surfaces with a deep penetrating, impregnating sealer.

Terracotta may come pre-finished or require application of various types of sealers or coatings on site to provide a wearing surface. Terracotta may crumble or show wear quickly unless sealed and installed on a waterproof layer. Terracotta should never be installed in high-traffic areas and should never be cleaned at pressures above 1100 PSI and then only if the grout is in good condition.

Toowoomba City Terracotta Tiles Indoors Entry

Terracotta tiles are beautiful, and lend an informal and somewhat rustic air to residential floors. As a raw product it is always recommended that this type of flooring be sealed after installation. A professional tile cleaner having a thorough knowledge of the different sealers available as well as their application should be used.

We offer a complete terracotta cleaning and sealing service for both commercial and domestic premises.

deepshield terracotta

Two main sealing options exist for terracotta tiles

  • Deep Penetrating Impregnating Sealer
  • (Transparent Finish/Colour Enhancing Finish)

  • Topical Sealer
  • (Gloss/Satin/Matte Finish)

A deep penetrating impregnating sealer protects terracotta and grout from water and oil based stains by chemically reacting with the surface pores using nano-technology to create a breathable protective barrier. An impregnating sealer protects the terracotta surface and grout from absorbing stains while also resulting in cleaning and maintenance becoming much easier. Australia's Deepshield™ range of impregnating water based sealer's, offer long term benefits lasting for up to 10 years while Deepshield™ Gold, based on the latest fluoro-bond technology lasts for up to 15 years. A penetrating impregnating transparent sealer enters the pores of your terracotta and, once cured will not change the look of the tile. A penetrating colour enhancing sealer is designed to enhance and enrich the look of terracotta surfaces.

Tile Cleaners® are the experts at applying all types of sealer and will ensure your terracotta looks its absolute best. Tile Cleaners® experienced technicians can apply a topical sealer when especially required to create a high gloss, satin sheen or matte finish to your surfaces. Topical sealer is also helpful in situations where the old solvent based sealer can not be completely removed or when required to hide certain types of damage. Topical sealer's have a life expectancy of around 3 years.

You can easily test how porous your terracotta is by applying a drop of water to the surface and watching how the water is absorbed by the terracotta. You can then see how any type of water based stain can be absorbed by the terracotta tile surface and grout.

deepshield surface

Stripping & Sealing Terracotta Tiles

In most cases we will be able to chemically remove your existing floor finish and treat any staining and marks that will have occurred due to the ineffectiveness of your current floor seal. When our technicians are satisfied that we have achieved the best results possible- preferably by returning the terracotta to its natural state, then we allow a sufficient drying time before applying between 2-4 coats of our specialist terracotta floor tile seal.

deepshield moisture terracotta

Tile Cleaners® technicians have years of experience in restoring and refurbishing terracotta flooring. Even the most neglected terracotta can very often be restored with remarkable results. There is only one real way to restore terracotta that is by returning the terracotta to its natural state, allowing it to dry, then sealing it with between 2-4 coats of impregnating penetrating sealer and then applying a surface coating finish. Only this process is able to create a long lasting finish and stain proof of your terracotta.

You can count on our expertise, professionalism and experience to give you the highest level of satisfaction.

Save yourself time, effort and money and let our professional team bring your terracotta tiles back to their best possible condition.

To schedule your appointment or to obtain a free estimate, Call 1300 771 201 or use our online enquiry form

We cover all Toowoomba suburbs and all Toowoomba City area

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Tile Cleaners® Terracotta Services

Terracotta Tile Stripping and Sealing

No matter where your terracotta tiles are, Tile Cleaners® will strip, clean and professionally reseal them for you. In your kitchen, shower, bathroom, around the swimming pool, your backyard, outdoors or any hard to reach indoor areas.

Terracotta Cleaning and Sealing

If you have terracotta surfaces that have become dull and not showing their true colour, or perhaps you have recently installed your terracotta or your previous sealer is wearing off, Tile Cleaners® Cleaning and Sealing is your best choice to clean your tiles effectively and efficiently and protect them against future staining and deterioration.

Terracotta Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning tile & grout takes a combination of specialised industrial equipment and heavy duty cleaning products. By using specially developed cleaning solutions & high pressure van mounted cleaning equipment we are able to clean your tiles & grout to the highest standards.

Terracotta Tile Sealing

All porous tiles should be sealed, sealing your tiles helps prevent & reduce staining. Sealing your terracotta will keep most stains suspended at the surface, creating a barrier that provides protection against chemical attack, deterioration and contamination. Sealing is the first important step towards protecting your surfaces against stains.

deepshield generic terracotta

Terracotta Stripping

Stripping, scrubbing and cleaning to remove old sealant and its residue, restoring the original appearance of the floor. Our technicians are equipped with all necessary equipment and possess all skills and experience needed to provide your terracotta tiles with an extensive floor stripping service. We can strip and reseal any hard surface flooring as well as wall tiles.

Efflorescence Treatment

Efflorescence is the formation of salt deposits on or near the surface of the tile and grout. Tile Cleaners® technicians have a variety of equipment for the effective removal of efflorescence. We also carry all the required treatments, agitation tools as well as chemical solutions to safely and effectively removed efflorescence deposits internally and externally.

Minor Tile Repair

Do you have cracked tiles, chipped tiles, loose tiles or discoloured tiles in your walls, floors, stairs or around the swimming pool. Do you have spare tiles left over from installation? Tile Cleaners® have professional & experienced tilers in our team that can assist you with repairing your indoor & outdoor tiles and replacing the broken/damaged tiles.

Grout Colour Sealing

Tile Cleaners® technicians are able to re-colour badly stained grout or change the colour of existing and/or stained grout. Tile Cleaners® Grout Colour Sealing service is specifically designed and developed to rejuvenate your dirty old grout and make it look BRAND NEW once again!

You can once again enjoy your terracotta tiles in their best possible condition Give us a call today on 1300 771 201, our knowledgeable and friendly customer service can assist you with all your questions and bookings.

terracotta tiles before cleaning terracotta tiles before cleaning terracotta tiles before cleaning terracotta tiles before cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

When your terracotta floors start to appear dull or matte, even after regular cleaning, it is a clear sign that they are ready for stripping, cleaning, and resealing. Additionally, if you notice that your terracotta tiles are prone to staining easily, it indicates that the previous sealer has worn off, making it crucial to reseal the floors promptly to prevent permanent staining. By addressing these signs and engaging in the appropriate cleaning, stripping, and resealing processes, you can revive the appearance of your terracotta floors and ensure long-lasting protection.

Yes, the process of stripping and sealing terracotta tiles is safe when carried out by professionals. Tile Cleaning ensures the safety of your terracotta tiles by using high-quality water-based products and state-of-the-art cleaning machinery. This combination allows them to provide an effective cleaning solution without compromising the integrity or safety of your terracotta tiles. By relying on their expertise and utilizing safe cleaning methods, Tile Cleaning can strip and seal your terracotta tiles to restore their beauty and enhance their durability.

At Tile Cleaning, we take great care to minimize mess during the stripping and sealing process of terracotta tiles. Our approach involves using high-quality, non-solvent-based stripping and sealing products, which are designed to ensure a clean and tidy process. These products are specifically selected to minimize the risk of damaging your floors, walls, or skirting boards. Our team of technicians is trained to handle the process with utmost care, ensuring that your surfaces are protected throughout. In most cases, non-solvent-based strippers and techniques are used, which effectively achieve excellent results without causing any harm. However, in rare circumstances where solvent-based strippers are necessary, additional precautions may be taken. This could involve temporarily vacating the premises for up to 48 hours to ensure safety and provide optimal protection. Rest assured that our experienced technicians will take all necessary measures to maintain a clean and damage-free environment during the stripping and sealing process.

Tile Cleaning places a strong emphasis on the safety of your family during the cleaning process. They ensure that only non-toxic finishing agents are used, eliminating the presence of any potentially harmful substances or ingredients. Tile Cleaning takes great care in selecting cleaning products, specifically excluding any ingredients that could pose health risks. This commitment to safety not only helps preserve the condition of your stone tiles but also reflects Tile Cleaning's dedication to prioritizing the overall health and safety of your household. By choosing Tile Cleaning, you can have peace of mind knowing that the products used in the cleaning process are free from toxic ingredients.

The purpose of stripping terracotta floors is to remove the old sealer and any built-up residue or contaminants from the surface. This process is necessary to ensure that the terracotta floors are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the application of a new sealer. By stripping the old sealer, any stains, dirt, or grime that may have accumulated over time can be effectively removed, leaving the terracotta floors in their cleanest and most pristine condition. Once the stripping process is complete, the floors can be thoroughly cleaned and a new sealer can be applied, resulting in fresh and revitalized terracotta floors.

A terracotta tile strip and seal process involves removing the existing coating or sealer from terracotta floors and applying a new sealer to restore their appearance. Over time, terracotta flooring can become dull and lose its natural beauty. By stripping off the old coating and resealing the tiles, the original lustrous look of the terracotta can be rejuvenated. This process not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the flooring but also helps to protect it and extend its lifespan, saving you the expense of replacing the entire floor.

When we arrive to reseal your terracotta floors, our professional team will guide you through the step-by-step process. First, any previous sealer that was applied will be stripped off. Next, the terracotta will be meticulously cleaned and neutralized to ensure it is free from dust, residue, and any other substances that could affect the new sealer. Once the surface is prepared, a fresh coat of sealer will be applied to the dry terracotta floor and allowed to set. The result will be a revitalized and protected terracotta floor that not only looks new but is also easier to maintain.

The frequency of sealing terracotta floors depends on several factors, including the type of sealer used and the level of foot traffic the tiles are subjected to. Deepshield® Gold, a deep impregnating water-based sealer, offers long-term protection for up to 15 years. Topical sealers typically have a lifespan of around 3 years. However, high foot traffic or severe weather conditions can shorten the lifespan of the sealer. It is also important to consider the condition of the tiles. If you notice patchy areas and increased susceptibility to staining, it may be a sign that resealing is necessary. For personalized advice and assistance, feel free to contact us, and our team will be happy to help.

If terracotta floors are not sealed, they can be easily damaged. Spills containing oils or harsh substances can penetrate the porous surface of the terracotta tiles, leading to permanent staining that cannot be removed through regular cleaning methods. To prevent this, it is highly recommended to seal your terracotta tiles. Sealing helps maintain the fresh appearance of the tiles, provides protection against permanent staining, and prevents future accidental damage. By sealing your terracotta floors, you can ensure they retain their optimal condition for a longer period and make maintenance easier and more convenient.

The ideal time to seal your terracotta floors is right after their installation to proactively protect against accidental staining or damage. You can determine if your terracotta tiles need sealing by observing patchy sealed areas on the floor or noticing that the tiles are becoming more susceptible to staining. These signs indicate that resealing is necessary to maintain the integrity and appearance of your terracotta floors.

Efflorescence is a common issue that can occur with terracotta and other porous tiles. It occurs when water in the terracotta brings salts to the surface as it evaporates, leaving behind a whitish coating that can ruin the appearance of the tiles. Sealing your terracotta tiles with a high-quality water-resistant sealer can help mitigate the risk of efflorescence. Additionally, it is important to address any sources of water penetration, such as leaks or damaged grout, to prevent the recurrence of efflorescence. By sealing the tiles and addressing the underlying causes, you can minimize the chances of efflorescence affecting your terracotta floors.

Tile Cleaning has the capability to remove efflorescence from terracotta tiles. Efflorescence is a result of salt buildup and can be effectively eliminated using specialized cleaning techniques and efflorescence removers. It is crucial to address the underlying cause of efflorescence, such as a leak behind the tiles or damaged grout lines, to prevent its recurrence. By resolving the root issue and implementing the necessary cleaning methods, Tile Cleaning can successfully remove efflorescence from terracotta tiles.

To maintain the pristine appearance of your terracotta tiles and grout, Tile Cleaning suggest cleaning them on a weekly basis using a gentle detergent. This will effectively eliminate any accumulated dirt or grime from the terracotta surface. It is important to avoid using harsh detergents containing strong acids or alkalis, as they may negatively impact the sealer. Instead, we highly recommend opting for mild detergents and pH neutral substances for optimal results.

Tile Cleaning follow a pricing model based on the square meter measurement for each individual room. You can find a detailed price list on the Tile Cleaning website for your reference. Prior to commencing the work, we will accurately measure each room, discuss the specific tasks to be performed, and provide you with a comprehensive cost breakdown for your approval.

When measuring a terracotta area, it is recommended to measure each section individually. The simplest approach is to multiply the width of the area by its length. For example, if a room has dimensions of 3 meters in length and 2 meters in width, the total area can be determined by multiplying 3 by 2, resulting in 6 square meters.

To prepare for the cleaning of terracotta surfaces, it is important to clear the floor of any furniture or objects. This will ensure that the area is ready for the cleaning process upon the arrival of our team.

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