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I was about to sell my house, but was not happy with the tiles in the dining area. The tiles were white and shiny but the grout looked really dark and dirty. I already had a potential client; however the dark grout ruined the beauty of the room. I didn't have much time to fix the grout and decided to call Tile Cleaners as my real estate agency mentioned them. As my real estate agent said, Tile cleaners responded really quickly. They also pointed out that some of the grout was coming off in the hallway when they were there, which I had not even noticed. Thank you for fixing my problem so quickly. The house is sold now and I left your details with the new owner so they can keep the tiles in good condition.

Anna Rodwell, Tingalpa, QLD

I just got new tiles laid in my house that were very expensive. I needed to get them sealed but couldn't afford to pay much for it. On the other hand I didn't want to go for a company offering cheap and unreliably services. My boss recommended Tile Cleaners, saying that the company's prices were reasonable and that they offered quality service when he used them. I contacted them and ended up doing a booking with them. It is very pleasant to know that there are companies out there who actually care about providing very high quality services for affordable prices. I gave your contacts to my sister. Thank you for the job you did

Robert Williams, Norman Park, QLD

I noticed that some of the tiles in my bathroom walls were loose and the grout was coming off. I am a very busy so kept on postponing calling someone to fix it. One day I got home and the loose tiles were lying broken on the floor. Can you imagine my frustration? I rang my brother in panic and he gave me Tile Cleaners' contact details. I rang them straight away. The guys told me I needed a tiler and professional regrouting work done so I thought it would take ages to fix my problem. However they organized the work very well. I had my tiles fixed on Friday night the same week and the entire bathroom regrouted on Saturday. Thank you some much for your quick help; it was such a relief.

Kerry McMyre, Mosman, NSW

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Wood Floor Sealing / Varnishing Service Eaton - Bunbury

Quality work at affordable prices

To schedule your appointment or to obtain a free estimate, Call 1300 771 201 or use our online enquiry form

We cover all Bunbury suburbs and all Eaton area

Wood Floor Waxing, Sealing & PolishingWelcome to Tile Cleaners ®, Eaton's leading floor care company specialising in restoration and maintenance of most natural and man made surfaces nationwide. If your flooring has fading from dirt or exposure to the elements, it may be time to restore your timbers natural beauty.

One of the main advantages of wooden flooring is that it can be restored and refinished many times during it's lifetime, recovering the beauty it once had. If you need your wooden floors polished, sealed or rebuffed, Tile Cleaners® provide professional wood floor restoration at very affordable prices in all metropolitan areas.

Wooden floors will lose their shine after a certain amount of time and no amount of cleaning and sweeping can make them shine forever, but there is often no need for sanding or replacing your wooden floors entirely in such situations. Wooden floor restoration is like having a brand timber installed all over again, restoring the elegance of your hardwood flooring to "like new" condition. Unless serious problems exist, wooden floor restoration is a far better, more affordable alternative to a complete sanding or new replacement.

Eaton dark brown timber office floor Timber flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to keep clean. Unlike tiles, timber floors require minimal maintenance and can last for many years. Shiny hardwood floors that run throughout a house can make the house look both beautiful and spacious. Maintenance methods to clean hardwood floors should not differ among different wood varieties, but some finishes may require extra care when removing stains.

Hardwood floors just got better!

Eaton Wood Floor Buffing

Timber floor sealing & varnishing promises to bring out the true natural beauty of hardwood flooring. Tile Cleaners® are proud to introduce a three step varnishing process, sometimes referred to as waxing, which will give your hardwood floors a brilliant clean appearance, an appearance that is well deserved.

  • First your floor is carefully cleaned. At this time all dirt, grime and/or debris is removed using a soft broom or lightweight vacuum cleaner followed by a damp mop. It is important to remove grit and dirt from hardwood floors. Dirt and grit are the biggest enemies when it comes to scratching or scouring the floor finish.
  • Next, your wood floor is buffed using a high speed buffing machine to bring up the existing radiant shine in your timber. This process removes all scuff marks from the floor and brings back the shine, as well as cleans the floor
  • Finally, we apply different types of sealers to your floor depending on the type of wood and the condition of your floor. Up to 4 coats of sealer is used in this process then the floor is left to dry. Sealing of your hardwood floor can be done only after the floor has been buffed. The floor has to be clean and completely dry before polishing. Sealing entirely depends on the variety of timber floor, its age and its usage.
Eaton brown timber floor before and after cleaning

You can be sure that your life of your timber surfaces will be restored after the treatment. It will be clean, shiny and well protected.

Your wooden surfaces will be dry within 2-4 hours and fully cure in 12-72 hours. Which means that you can walk on the floor after 4 hours of the treatment but you should avoid getting your wood floor wet until it has fully cured.

It is recommended to Re-Varnish wood floors once a year in the case of offices and every 3 years in case of homes

Damage to the Wood Floor

You cannot deny the shiny and clean look of a freshly waxed floor. Wood floor waxing also helps to prevent dirt and grime from getting absorbed by the floor as they slide across the smooth surface of the wood. Our products consist of environmentally safe materials that do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Tile Cleaners® Timber Floor Services

Timber Floor Varnishing/Sealing

Timber Floor Sealing & Varnishing promises to bring out the true natural beauty of a hardwood floor. We are proud to introduce a three step varnishing process including a thorough clean, buff and seal. This process is sometimes also referred to as waxing, which will give your hardwood floors a brilliant clean appearance, an appearance that is well deserved.

Timber Floor Buffing

Wood floor buffing is a simpler process than waxing and should be done more frequently. While the same machine is used to do the service, only pads of different thicknesses are used to buff the wax that is already on the floor. This process removes all scuff marks from the floor and brings back the shine as well as it cleans the floor and keeps it protected.

Wood Floor Waxing

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the size of the area but 4 - 6 hours should be expected. Using the most modern equipment means we can complete work during the same day so you re not inconvenienced with more than one appointment.

You will know it's time once your floors start looking dull and matte even after a proper cleaning.

Some basic precautions can help to keep your floor in good condition such as using a doormat at entrances, and regular sweeping to avoid grit being walked into the floor.

When cleaning a surface-finished floor, follow the manufacturer's recommendations. You may generally use a dampened(near dry) mop to maintain a wood floor; however excessive moisture will cause damage. Standing water can dull the finish, damage the wood, and leave a discolouring residue. If water spills on a wood floor, immediately wipe it up with a clean cloth.

Place mats and throw rugs at doorways to help protect wood floors from grit, dirt and sand. Place felt pads under furniture legs and vacuum/dust your wood floor regularly.

Tile Cleaners® charge per square meter for each separate room. There is a price list on the Tile Cleaners® website for you to review. Before we begin our work we will measure each room individually, confirm the work to be carried out as well as confirm all costs with you.

We recommend that you measure each room separately. The simplest way to measure is by multiplying the width by the length. For example a room that is 3 meters long and 2 meters wide is 3 X 2 = 6m2 in total.

Tile Cleaners® technicians can help to move items that one person could be expected to move such as furniture with wheels, light furniture, tables and chairs, however as Tile Cleaners® insurance covers our restoration services, we will not be held liable for any damage caused to furniture or property you request our technicians to move.

Move all furniture and items off the floor so it is ready for when we arrive.

Client Range

We clean and restore a
huge range of tiles and surfaces in all locations including:
Kitchens, Bathrooms, Showers, Swimming pools, Pool pavers, Restaurants, Cafés, Bars, Homes, Schools, Clinics, Hospitals, Companies, Offices

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